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Offer a free water meter replacement

  It is known that under the hearings and social aspects of the observations and recommendations ,Shyanghai Water Supply and Drainage Company have made 8 people to the community .

  ◆ Each 6 years provide a free replace of  water meters for the residential customers;

  ◆ tTo the dialapidated and leaking faucet of the martyrs ,minimal needs,disabilities and thoes eldlies but no children ,they can be replaced free of charge ;

  ◆ Shanghai Water Hotline 962740 / Drainage Hotline 56084184 provide service in  24 hours ;

  ◆Water supply erterprise construction plan without Water and step-down ,24 hours in advance to advise customers; 

  ◆ Seal burst pipes repair 2 hours(1 hour and sealing the important section s),24-hour repair;

,  ◆ Drainage  service within the enterprise to ensure that no one os water ,no overflow of sewage run accident; 

  ◆Encourage residents to save water ,do not set minimum water base ,not revenue from water charges.

  ◆ 加强节约用水的宣传指导,免收上门服务费。


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