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Wireless Water meter
  This product is part of mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products. The series meter uses advanced wireless transmission technology, by microelectronic control circuits, the measurement of the traditional mechanical meter to convert the information into electrical signals, transmitted via GPRS to a computer system or a remote meter-reading personnel handheld wireless remote meter-reading machine to the table with the data copied to the up, and then back into the computer management system.
Wireless Gas meter
  Wireless Remote Gas Meter is a wireless technology, gas meter automatic metering and wireless remote monitoring features such as a new generation of smart gas flow measurement instrumentation. It can be widely used in natural gas, coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas and other combustible temperament. Modernization of management is to achieve the ideal gas measuring instruments. Wireless Remote gas meter by the microcomputer and a dedicated control procedures to achieve the automatic processing of data. Gas management through computer management system for selling gas to the user address code and the default table, then the user unit of time Gas Consumption for reading, in order to achieve real-time monitoring, non-home meter reading and other functions, on the gas company intelligence, information management has an important role in promoting.
WAMR system accessories&software
  WAMR system accessories&software
Smart Energy Meter
Name:LXS/SR Series wireless smart water meter
Output Power: 50mW
Receiver Sensitivity :-110dBm
Transmission Distance: >200m
Dimension: 190*90*120mm
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