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China utilities information management system



Name:Wamr Net system
Model:Wamr Net system
Output Power: ***
Receiver Sensitivity :***
Transmission Distance: ***
Dimension: ***
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Wamr Net Wireless Remote AMR Solution

Wamr Net System, with wireless communication technology of ad hoc network as its core, is an automatic solution of wireless meter reading system designed and developed by Minsen Meter Co.Ltd in 3 years with the help of simplified Zigbee technology of micropower ad hoc network of wireless communication and it closely conforms to the national condition of water, electricity, gas and heat meter reading in China.
Wamr Net System mainly solves the technical problem of “the last kilometer” in wireless meter
reading covered by ad hoc network. With the help of GPRS/CDMA uplink channel and MIS utilities information management system, meter reading is no longer a laborious, time-consuming operation.

The application of advanced technology of MC-DSSS to the Wamr Net wireless ad hoc network enables all the constituents in the wamr net system to be strong in interference resistance and quick in communication. This application is easy to realize Code Division Multiple Access because of its imperceptibility.
The meters in the Wamr Net System can be automatically connected with one another and their data
can be read whatever buildings they are in.

Wamr Net technology of wireless communication in ad hoc network is compatible with various water and gas meters counted by pulse or read by photo-electricity, either with or without valve.
The success rate of meter reading with the application of Wamr Net technology in ad hoc network
reaches 100%. The system is applicable in buildings of various structures.
Wamr Net System can be maintained and upgraded with the application of wamr net wireless
communication technology in ad hoc network. Its constituents can be quickly connected with each other through Internet without the use of mobile or fixed communication apparatus.

The property of the system is stable: In one point network, the paralysis or shielding of one access point would lead to the paralysis of the whole network while wamr net system won’t be controlled by any single node and can be controlled and cured by itself. When one access point or node goes wrong, the system would transmit round it through other channels and the network is still in normal operation.

The system has low power consumption. The average power consumption of every meter is lower than 30uA. If the capacity of battery is larger than 3.3A/h, the meter is guaranteed to work well in 7years.




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