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Name:SRWF-888 Data Center
Output Power: ***
Receiver Sensitivity :***
Transmission Distance: ***
Dimension: ***
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SR-888 Data Center is the transfer station of Wamr Net system to perform remote uploading of metering data. It is responsible for receiving data from SR-868 Data Concentrator Unit (DCU) and transmitting data to the remote background platform through GPRS network. The key component of SR-888 Data Center is one of our most widely-deployed RF modules working on appointed frequency for meter reading. SR-888 can manage all the SR-868 DCUs within its transmission range and upload metering data anywhere covered by GPRS signals. The Data Center is supplied by 220V (50Hz) civilian AC power. Built-in regulated switching power supply has ensured reliable applications in complex environment.


Electronic Parameters

  • Power Supply: standard AC220V/50Hz (workable when supplied by AC85-264V,50Hz±5%)
  • Memory Temperature: -30℃~+65℃
  • Working Temperature: -10℃~+55℃
  • Relative Humidity Range: 10~95%RH
  • Active Power: < 3W
  • GPRS Module: dual band 900MHz/1800MHz
  • Main Board Dimension: 218.5×187.6×45mm (without antenna)
  • Equipment Dimension: 263×249×78mm (without antenna)
  • Built-in Wireless Module: frequency 470MHz, transmit power 27dBm
  • High liability: waterproof structure, outdoor installation, secure grounding required.

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