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Name:GK Series Wireless Intelligent Remote Gas Meter
Output Power: 50mW
Receiver Sensitivity :-110dbm
Transmission Distance: 200m(Out Side)
Dimension: ***
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       GK series wireless transcription intelligent gas meter is high-tech integrative product. This series meter uses advanced wireless transmission technology. Through microelectronic control circuits, it converts the pulse signals of traditional mechanical meter into electrical signals. Then the metering data is transmitted to background platform through GPRS network automatically, or it can be collected by a hand-held wireless unit from outside of the houses and after that downloaded to a computer through USB port.
       This product is applied to metering of gas volume flowing across gas pipe, and meter reading from outdoor or through remote transcription.
Structure and Working Theory
       Inside the counter of gas meter (mechanical part), there is one magnet embedded under the wheel pointer for 0.01 m3 of gas and two reed switches beside each side of the wheel. Each time the pointer goes a circle, one group of two pulses is generated to represent 0.01 m3 of gas being calculated. The pulses are converted to digital signals and recorded as metering data based on pre-set program. Then the metering data can be transmitted to a concentrator or hand-held unit.      

Main Parameters

  • Mechanical performance complies with GB/T69681997 “diaphragm gas meter” national standard level B.
  • Metering Level: B
  • Applicable Environment: temperature -20℃~+50℃; relative humidity ≤95%; atmospheric pressure 86kPa~106kPa.
  • Applicable Gas Medium: natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, made coal gas, marsh gas.

Electronic Parameters
  • Central Frequency: 470MHz
  • Battery:3.6V/3.3A/h disposable lithium battery or four alkali batteries No. 5.
  • Modulation: FSK
  • Bandwidth:≤200KHz
  • Power Consumption:<30uA
  • Transmit Power: ≤50mW
  • Transmit Distance:>200m (open field)


Product Features

  •  Remote valve-control to solve arrearage problem.
  •  Ladder-type pricing.
  •  Three-level automatic routing to increase transmission distance.
  •  ERFCU design, ultra-low power consumption.
  •  WOR remote awaking technology to reduce power consumption.
  •  Wamr Net routing protocol to ensure data security.
  •  High speed transmission, data reading for single meter within 1.5 seconds.
  •  Simple and practical structure with renewable battery.
  •  Disassembly structure for electronic part, convenient for maintenance.
  •  Mainly applicable to new construction projects, or reconstruction projects for old residential area which are inconvenient for wiring deployment.
  •  Wireless transmission technology is applied to realize out-door meter reading, which simplified system installation by avoiding wiring deployment.
  •  The wireless transmission distance for hand-held unit is over 200 meters in open field.
  •  Friendly user interface for management software of background platform. Variety of formats for data output and customized link with billing system according to customers'needs.

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