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Name:DTSF71Three-phase Smart Energy Meter
Output Power: 50mW
Receiver Sensitivity :-113dBm
Transmission Distance: 200m
Dimension: 290mm×170mm×85mm
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DTSF71Three-phase Smart Energy Meter is a highly advanced Smart Meter to measure Three-phase AC active/reactive energy with frequency of 50/60Hz. It has various sophisticated functions to realize Smart Measurement& Management of energy, with features of high accuracy, excellent sensitivity, good reliability, wide measurement range, low consumption, solid structure and nice appearance, etc.


Technical Parameters

¨         Rated Voltage(Un):3×57.7/100V, 3×120/208V, 3×220/380V, 3×230/400V, 3×240/416V

¨         Operation Current:1.5(6)A, 5(20)A, 10(40)A, 20(80)A, 10(100)A; Customizable

¨         Rated Frequency:50Hz, 60Hz

¨         Power Consumption:

¨         Voltage Circuit≤1.5W/6VA

¨         Current Circuit≤0.4VA

¨         Accuracy Class:



¨         Meter Constant(imp/kWh):800, 1600, 3200, 6400

¨         Temperature:

Normal Operation Temperature:-25~60

Limit Temperature:-45~70

¨         Relative Humidity: ≤95%



Main Functions

¨         Complying with standards of IEC62052-11& IEC62053-21.

¨         Three-phase Three-wire or Three-phase Four-wire options.

¨         Measuring& storing forward/reverse active& reactive energy.

¨         Multi-tariff measurement function(optional).

¨         Prepayment function with CPU card(optional).

¨         Calendar& Timing function.

¨         Programming function.

¨         Various anti-tampering functions.

¨         Measuring, storing& displaying voltage, current, power and power factors, etc.

¨         Recording all events including programming, power failure& tampering, etc(optional).

¨         Freezing all data in timed, instant, pre-set, daily& hourly mode, etc.(Programmable).

¨         Auto-scroll displaying and/or manual-scroll displaying(Programmable).

¨         Backup battery for displaying energy under power-off situation.

¨         Recording load profile.

¨         Internal or external relay to realize load control locally or remotely.

¨         Communication:with ports of RS485, infrared, PLC , M-bus and/or GPRS, etc.

¨         Communication protocol:DL/T645-2007, IEC62056-21/DLMS, etc(optional).

¨         Capable of being integrated into LINYANG′s AMI(Advanced Metering Infrastructure) system.

Wire Connection Modes


Other connection modes are customizable.


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